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Google tools integrated in a single dashboard + programmable AI to automate your sales and marketing.

Google’s Official WordPress Plugin

Google’s Site Kit is included in i3ES which allows you to build, maintain, and grow your online presence, Site Kit gives you easy-to-understand metrics and insights directly in your i3ES dashboard.

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What’s included: Easily set up Google tools on your site and see everything in a single Dashboard inside WordPress. No code editing required.

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Search Console

Measures your site’s Google Search traffic and performance.

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Tells you how users find, use, and engage with your site.

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Pagespeed Insights

Analyzes your site and suggests ways to make it faster.

Workflow Trigger

Automate Your Sales & Marketing

Grow your store, convert, and retain your customers with automation tools such as sending follow-up emails and abandoned cart emails, with a 63% chance of recovering a lost sale, and more.

Triggers determine the circumstances in which the workflow will run. An example trigger would be doing something when an order is made.

Rules allow you to perform more advanced logic on your workflows, so they only trigger in certain situations. An example rule would be only trigger the workflow for orders above $100.

Actions define what happens when a workflow is triggered. With Automate there are a range of customizable actions available to you such as sending an email and changing order statuses.

Once you’ve created your workflow you can schedule your workflow to run at virtually any time.

Ready to Start Selling Anything Online?

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce. It includes everything you need to start selling online, require no coding skills at all.

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